My name’s Amaris, and I’m a recent college grad living and working in the lovely DC area. I like to believe that I’m creative and enjoy testing out my abilities in baking, crafting, writing, and overall creativeness. 

In 2014 I started documenting my thoughts on food and healthy eating on a small blog which is no longer public. This lasted about three years and it was my first stint in the blogging world.

As with most teenagers, my interests shifted. My mind was quickly occupied with a very pressing issue. I began my college search in mid-2016 and this process opened my eyes to the world of college blogs.

Filled with valuable content and real-life experiences from girls I could relate to, these blogs became my college bible.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I began to realize that I could share my own story and experiences. My family was transitioning from being suburbanites to city-slickers with our move from northern Virginia to Seoul, South Korea. “Why not document that?” was my first thought.

In August of 2017, I launched AmarisElizabeth.com, a collective of school, travel, and lifestyle posts written with the Gen-Z girl in mind. We love the world, work hard for our dreams, and trade memes like they are currency.

If posts filled with gifs and weird Gen-Z humor are your thing, have a look around. Some of my posts are long, some are short, but I enjoy the content I post and I hope you do too. They all come from the bottom of my 2 AM sleep-deprived heart.

welcome to amariselizabeth.com